The SOLOA trainers know that becoming a quality lacrosse official is not done just through classroom and field training. Self-study is a huge part of becoming a better official. This page lists every resource that the SOLOA trainers, Shawn Tronknya, Wally Petry, Pat Colluria, and Ty Wilkinson have created or recommended as beneficial to lacrosse officials of every experience level. If you come across something that you found helpful please let us know so that we can share it here.

Check out these pages for information on Uniforms and Equipment or to view the two-man mechanics training PowerPoints on the Presentations page or the videos of these presentations on our Youtube Channel.

Inside Lacrosse –

Hudl –

MaxPrep –

LaxNumbers –





Dragon Fly –

Arbiter –


ZebraWeb –

USA Lacrosse –

USA Lacrosse Resources –

 2023 Boys’ High School Rules Interpretation (Video)  
 2023 Boys’ High School Rules Interpretation (PDF)  
 2023 Boys’ Rules FAQ 
 2023 NFHS Rules Memo (PDF) 
2023 Boys’ Youth Rule Changes (PDF)  
 2023 Boys’ Youth Rules Comparison Chart (PDF) 
2022 Equipment Memo from NFHS/USA Lacrosse (PDF)